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LIGiclee.com, a cyber patron of LIACF (Long Island Arts Council at Freeport), provides complete Artist's services. At LIGiclee.com you can have your artworks scanned and reproduced in a form of museum giclee prints on canvas or watercolor paper, finished & stretched, ready to be hang in a gallery or sold to your customer. Talented graphic designers at LIGiclee will help you with your marketing and promotion by designing your brochures, catalogues, web sites, certificates of authenticity, providing free consultations, guiding you into the world of fine art publishing.

- looking to reproduce your artwork? -
look no further
Fine Art Giclee Printing
We print Giclee prints from digital files created in our shop or supplied by a client. Our printers are Epson Stylus Pro10000 with Archival Ink and Epson Stylus Pro10600 with UltraChrome Inks.
Direct Scanning. Transparency Scanning
We create high resolution digital files from your original artworks and transparencies.
Fine Art Finishing, Varnishing
Trimming, tearing (deckled edge), coatings with UV protective laminates, brushstroke imitation and more.
Canvas Stretching/Gallery Wrap
We stretch and gallery wrap your final prints upon request.
Web Design 
Our designers work with artists on the individual basis to make a web site representing their art the best possible way. See samples and prices
Graphic Design
We make everything to help you as an artist get started: mailers, flyers, brochures announcing your limited edition releases, catalogues featuring your art, certificates of authenticity, business cards, trade show banners, and more! Call now at 516-208-6203
Whether you are an experienced publisher or an artist who is new to the world of giclee reproduction, you will always have questions and concerns about a million things while trying to reproduce your first or each new artwork. We provide free consultation on various subjects related to technical and ethical aspects of the reproduction process as well as give you tips on copyright issues handling and marketing your giclee prints.
Please call us today for a FREE consultation 516.208.6203
- looking to get your website and brochure done? -
look no further
Web Design for Actors & Musicians
You know you need a website! Our designers will put your hadshots and resume online, sample your music, videos, commercials voiceovers, etc. We know you are trying to make it in a tough industry. So the price is low!
Graphic Design for Actors & Musicians
Brochures, CD covers, books, mailers, flyers announcing your upcoming event, business cards, trade show banners, etc. We make everything to help you as an artist to get ahead. Call now at 516-208-6203
10% discount on all printing servcies at LIGiclee.com to LIAC affiliates 
20% discount on all graphic and web design servcies at Artwebspace.com owned by LIGiclee.com to LIAC affiliates 
Call NOW at 516-208-6203

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